The #workhacks

#workhacks is an interdisciplinary approach. The basis are theories and methods of the new world of work such as SCRUM, Design Thinking, Agile Management, self-organization and Holocracy.

Focus Time

Focus time is a time of the day when nobody in the team gets interrupted: neither by phone calls, small talk, questions from colleagues or meetings.

Toad day

“Toads” are eaten on toad day: all the annoying tasks that keep piling up and increase your guilty conscience.

Feedback card

Most people crave feedback. But why always only from the boss?

Biography sharing

A format in which the team shares their respective biography in ultra-short form – because that makes the team more resilient.

Strengthen strengths

Recognize and name strengths in the team and assign tasks accordingly – and boost team motivation at the same time.


We all know the problem: a lot is said in meetings, but unfortunately not by everyone. That’s why we made timeboxing a #workhack.

Open Space

In the Open Space, the team works – voluntarily – on topics from team members who can use new impulses, ideas or know-how.

Complaint-free month

Don’t complain for a month … Not that easy, but very useful.


During the daily the team presents results, explains next steps and addresses problems – in not more than 15 minutes.

Why Talk

Why do I work here and not somewhere else? Why am I doing this job? What drives me? Yes, this is where it gets down to business.


A Retro is a regularly held meeting, the aim of which is to improve the cooperation of a project team or a department: “Keep, drop, try” is the agenda.

Delegation Poker

If you don’t feel like the usual “either I do it – or you do it” when delegating tasks, you can play a round of delegation poker instead – without wasting your last shirt.

Customer chair

In internal meetings, there is always a free chair at the conference table, reserved for the most important person in the room: the customer.

Decision hack

This #workhack encourages teams and departments to decide together without falling into endless discussions.